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The Funniest Back-To-School Pep Talk You May Have Missed By MindShift AUGUST 20, 2015

Making a Difference in Nevada

•Helping Nevada move from the #50 ranking on state education testing
•Capture the over 50% of students who are not engaged in today’s learning practices through the innovation of education with technology
•Capture the students in those first seconds of each lesson with technology enriched teaching methods
•Utilizing the gamification of the learning process to engage students in their known environment 
•Developing a comprehensive administration/teacher/student/parent reporting tool with built in achievement reporting, “At Risk Student Alert” reporting, and teacher assessment based on the five indicators with digital evidence automation
•Identifying key indicators unique to each District and Nevada
•Customized workflow per curriculum alignment such as project based learning




Mission Statement

Ed10x is set to transform education and the learning process. With an innovative platform and a teacher technology partnership we bring ground breaking technology tools to the hands of all students, enriching their education. Championing Teachers crossing the technology gaps, bringing technology chaos into order. Ed10x promotes creativity, critical thinking, collaboration, and communication through the use of technology. Ed10x mission is to improve students' use of technology engaging them in an exciting learning environment. Bridging education technology gaps through innovation.

It’s a team effort.

Posted by Edutopia on Thursday, July 16, 2015



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