Making a Difference in Nevada

•Helping Nevada move from the #50 ranking on state education testing
•Capture the over 50% of students who are not engaged in today’s learning practices through the innovation of education with technology
•Capture the students in those first seconds of each lesson with technology enriched teaching methods
•Utilizing the gamification of the learning process to engage students in their known environment 
•Developing a comprehensive administration/teacher/student/parent reporting tool with built in achievement reporting, “At Risk Student Alert” reporting, and teacher assessment based on the five indicators with digital evidence automation
•Identifying key indicators unique to each District and Nevada
•Customized workflow per curriculum alignment such as project based learning




Mission Statement

Ed10x is set to transform education and the learning process. With an innovative platform and a teacher technology partnership we bring ground breaking technology tools to the hands of all students, enriching their education. Championing Teachers crossing the technology gaps, bringing technology chaos into order. Ed10x promotes creativity, critical thinking, collaboration, and communication through the use of technology. Ed10x mission is to improve students' use of technology engaging them in an exciting learning environment. Bridging education technology gaps through innovation.

It’s a team effort.

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We are excited to welcome everyone to Ed10x.com. The website has moved to a collaborative social platform that will give educators a place to gather new resources and collaborate.…

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Google 101 Professional Development Class Free

2015-16 School Programs

2015-16 School Programs

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With a patent to her name and more likely on the way, the 15 year old has made it her mission to inspire young innovators

By Smithsonian Digital Studio
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5.6K 160 0 46 0 5.9K

Benjamin Fran…
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A Mighty Girl

A Mighty Girl is the world’s largest collection of books,…

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VARs Are Moving Aggressively To Capitalize On Education Market Boom

byJimmy Sheridan on July 6, 2015, 3:54 pm EDT


Lester Keizer, CEO of Las Vegas-based Continuity Technologies, said he believes so much in the education…
Jul 16
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Ed10x is on the move! We are transferring all content to our new social media platform over the next 24 hours. The new platform will give everyone the opportunity to exchange ideas and collaborate. As we bring the new content up, if you see that we…
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Hi Everyone,
Ed10x is in the process of moving web content to the our new social platform. We should have everything up and running in the next 24 hours.
Stay tuned!
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